I see your OEW and raise you a…

(That would be On Eagle’s Wings-this song is sung so freaking often that most choirs-especially funeral choirs- would automatically know what was coming up from only OEW)

So as a music director I really can’t cry at songs (unless you’ve heard some of my choirs and been there when they’ve outdone themselves- that is tear worthy!) but there are a few that I absolutely love.

I used the lyrics of Servant Song in our wedding program and in our album. As a liturgist, I couldn’t think of a better song that embodied what marriage should be.

Here is the Westminster Abbey Choir singing a piece of perhaps one of the greatest choral composes of all time- John Rutter.  If is piece doesn’t give you chills then you are incapable of being moved.

This is not the “normal” version (couldn’t find a youtube of it) but it is one that will always get me- always.  This version obviouly doesn’t have it, but there is a verse that is used on Holy Saturday that asks for the Lord to “be with these chosen”- I’m always one big goosebump by that point.  It was the processional for my wedding too- once again, nerdy liturgist, couldn’t see starting my marriage asking for the intercession of the saints as a bad thing.  (I just noticed the saints they chose- I’m impressed.)

I found this in my search for a youtube of the Litany of the Saints- big props to this guy!

I love, love, love Taize.  When I went to the NPM Convention years ago, they had a Taize style prayer service one night- if I wasn’t already in love with Taize, I would have been after that.  I will someday get to France and Taize- someday.  Another one I love is John Bell and the Iona Community. 

I searched for quite awhile for a video of a piece along the same lines called Stay Here and Keep Watch- I’ve used it for adoration on Holy Thursday (and beginning of Good Friday) and it always, always, always gives me chills.

An old friend of mine (my teacher during my internship) once said that he could not die until he had a choir that could sing this at his funeral.  I would have to agree.  This is also a place/group (This is the King’s College Singers- them and the Westminster Abbey Choir above) I would love to go see someday.  Those British may have kicked out the Pope but my lord can they sing!

A few I couldn’t find videos for would be Oh My People (used for Good Friday liturgy) and Do You Know (used for washing of feet during Holy Thursday liturgy)

As you can probably see- I could go on forever.  But I won’t.


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Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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3 Responses to I see your OEW and raise you a…

  1. Jennifer says:

    Very nice choices and I can see how my every day songs would end up being tiring for you as a choir director.

    Also, you are right about the chosen saints in Benedict’s visit to the US. I liked it.

  2. Dr.L says:

    Oh My People is one of my faves! Let me know if you find a video…

  3. smittyshoney says:

    That Westminster Abbey Choir rocks that song! We sang it for our Temporary Diaconate Mass and did not do it justice at all. Thanks for sharing. Next time I will for sure search u-tube for choir songs so I can practice!


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