This is why people have children.

Even bad pictures of babies turn out okay:

EM and HankThey can be screaming bloody murder due to one grain of sand touching them and it’s still a cute picture.

However, when you have dogs you are at the mercy of their bad moods.

IMG_7402We’ve all seen the pictures on Pinterest of the sweet cherubic looking baby laying on a bed all smiles with the Christmas lights sparkling in the background. I’m headed home for Christmas and am going to attempt the same picture with the niece and nephew but figured it would be best to practice before I got there. Toddlers with short attention spans usually do not want to sit around as you try to figure out settings and all that.

So I went up in the attic, which is smelling strongly of cat piss for some reason that I’m not too anxious to discover, to find a string of lights, and pulled a sheet from the closet. Got all that set up, got out the camera and set about trying to figure it out.


Obviously, needs some work. Little did I know that would be the only time Ginger would even somewhat cooperate.

IMG_7172So depth of field is better, focus is not, and shit what are they all doing laying down? Little did I know I would not be able to get Ginger to sit up again and Ninja only a few times.

Well what if I just did Ginger alone?


I laughed and told her that she looked like she was posing for a Glamour Shots. Apparently she understood that and was offended so she laid right back down. In a huff.

IMG_7247She wasn’t the only one who was unhappy with the proceedings. Ninja spent the entire time looking as if someone was kicking her puppy.




Bronco wasn’t forlorn but he wasn’t exactly riveted by the idea either.


IMG_7270The group shots were just a fail in general.

IMG_7390 IMG_7405

I got one, ONE! picture that was even halfway decent and of course it wasn’t all three. Oh well. Someday, who knows when, but someday I will be successful.
It just wasn’t today.


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Dear Strip Club Advertisers;

As I was driving down I-75 (again, I spend a lot of time there) I noticed one of your many billboards. Usually they don’t grab my attention because once you’ve seen one pole dancing silhouette, you’ve seen them all but this one attract my eye.

I’m glad it did because I’ve not had an occasion to write a letter to strip club advertisers before but now I feel compelled. Why? you might ask. Well it is simple. See this particular billboard had the following copy.


Ummmm….. yes. Yes, you need to say more. Actually I think it is imperative that you say more. I can’t imagine a single person reads that and doesn’t believe you need to say more.

Who exactly was on Jerry Springer? Was it one stripper? Was it all the strippers? Did Jerry Springer do a live show from your location? Did it involve a boyfriend who was cheating on his girlfriend with her mom and now mom is pregnant with his cousin’s baby? Was there a goat involved? Barn animal of any sort? This is south Georgia so I mean I wouldn’t really be all that surprised.

I need answers damnit! I’m fairly certain that I’m not the only person to ass by your sign and wonder these same things. I feel you owe it to your potential cutomers (haha I am so not a potential customer) to provide the information we seek.

If you so desire you can do just that in the comments section so the world can put their minds at ease.

Thank you,
Curious but repulsed at the same time

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Article: Robyn VS. The Doors – Dancers on the Storm

Robyn VS. The Doors – Dancers On The Storm – Free Download – – We ♡ Music Yea this is fun. Still waiting for Robyn to swing by Atlanta. I’d be there with bells on.

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New Boardwalk Empire review…
Do not fear, I will someday return to actually write something here as well. It’s been craziness around here.

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Boardwalk Empire and Elementary reviews

Over on Grizzly Bomb- you know you want to go look.

Not only that but I’ve also found my way onto a Round Table for Elementary over on TV Fanatic. Good times.


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It’s Monday (well Tuesday)

and that means another Boardwalk Empire review up on Grizzlybomb!


And for all you playing along at home, I was unable to make it until 3am for the Mists of Pandaria launch last night, fell asleep about 1:30.
I am so ashamed.

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Oh yea, this is happening.

It’s 11:22 pm and I am currently watching the “pre-show” before the actual show for the launch of World of Warcraft’s new expansion, Mists of Pandaria.

I mean seriously, I don’t think it gets much nerdier.

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