This is why people have children.

Even bad pictures of babies turn out okay:

EM and HankThey can be screaming bloody murder due to one grain of sand touching them and it’s still a cute picture.

However, when you have dogs you are at the mercy of their bad moods.

IMG_7402We’ve all seen the pictures on Pinterest of the sweet cherubic looking baby laying on a bed all smiles with the Christmas lights sparkling in the background. I’m headed home for Christmas and am going to attempt the same picture with the niece and nephew but figured it would be best to practice before I got there. Toddlers with short attention spans usually do not want to sit around as you try to figure out settings and all that.

So I went up in the attic, which is smelling strongly of cat piss for some reason that I’m not too anxious to discover, to find a string of lights, and pulled a sheet from the closet. Got all that set up, got out the camera and set about trying to figure it out.


Obviously, needs some work. Little did I know that would be the only time Ginger would even somewhat cooperate.

IMG_7172So depth of field is better, focus is not, and shit what are they all doing laying down? Little did I know I would not be able to get Ginger to sit up again and Ninja only a few times.

Well what if I just did Ginger alone?


I laughed and told her that she looked like she was posing for a Glamour Shots. Apparently she understood that and was offended so she laid right back down. In a huff.

IMG_7247She wasn’t the only one who was unhappy with the proceedings. Ninja spent the entire time looking as if someone was kicking her puppy.




Bronco wasn’t forlorn but he wasn’t exactly riveted by the idea either.


IMG_7270The group shots were just a fail in general.

IMG_7390 IMG_7405

I got one, ONE! picture that was even halfway decent and of course it wasn’t all three. Oh well. Someday, who knows when, but someday I will be successful.
It just wasn’t today.



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Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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  1. Ann Denton says:

    So cute!!

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