Dear Strip Club Advertisers;

As I was driving down I-75 (again, I spend a lot of time there) I noticed one of your many billboards. Usually they don’t grab my attention because once you’ve seen one pole dancing silhouette, you’ve seen them all but this one attract my eye.

I’m glad it did because I’ve not had an occasion to write a letter to strip club advertisers before but now I feel compelled. Why? you might ask. Well it is simple. See this particular billboard had the following copy.


Ummmm….. yes. Yes, you need to say more. Actually I think it is imperative that you say more. I can’t imagine a single person reads that and doesn’t believe you need to say more.

Who exactly was on Jerry Springer? Was it one stripper? Was it all the strippers? Did Jerry Springer do a live show from your location? Did it involve a boyfriend who was cheating on his girlfriend with her mom and now mom is pregnant with his cousin’s baby? Was there a goat involved? Barn animal of any sort? This is south Georgia so I mean I wouldn’t really be all that surprised.

I need answers damnit! I’m fairly certain that I’m not the only person to ass by your sign and wonder these same things. I feel you owe it to your potential cutomers (haha I am so not a potential customer) to provide the information we seek.

If you so desire you can do just that in the comments section so the world can put their minds at ease.

Thank you,
Curious but repulsed at the same time


About Amanda Broyles

Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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1 Response to Dear Strip Club Advertisers;

  1. Calisto says:

    Yes thank you Alex as a woman that has tatoos your cnmemot was really nice..For me I love them, on men and on women. My tatoos mean something to me, they represent something I want to say to the world. This is me.I don’t have the little heart on my shoulder, but 2 quite big tatoos on my top arms. The worsed cnmemots I had was from my mother, and now from you, dear Alex. Other then that people gave me compliments on how well they were made, for mine are done by a good artist, and they are very beautifully made. If I am 40 years older, yea..they may not look so grand anymore, but since the rest of me will be falling apart by then too, I figure they still fit in. I respect your opinion, but the way you put it there is a bit harsch to me. I was most defenatly not drunk when I got them, I have asked around to find a clean and great artist, and I have chosen my tatoos carefully. I have them now for 18 years or so, and have not regret it. It is a personal thing, and what other people feel about it should not matter to you. If you care about their opinion, maybe you better not get one. Other then that, it depends on what job you want to have, in some professions it really is wise to make sure you can hide them. It can be they won’t give you the job because you have a tatoo. That is the only thing I would worry about if it is important to you. With women it is like most other things, some love it, some hate it. You do make a choise for life if you get a real tatoo, for getting rid of it is still not an easy thing. If you are not sure, follow up Alex advice and start off with a tatoo that you can wash off. It may give you an idea of how it will be like with a real tatoo. Be 100% sure about it or you want one, where you want one, and what you want there. Better to wait then to be sorry.

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