The untold pain…

So I’ve got a couple of hobbies.

I enjoy backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing (more truthfully, watching my husband throw a line out in the water repeatedly to no avail), playing board games, and playing video games.

In recent years I’ve picked up a few “craftsy” hobbies such has knitting and needlepoint.  Now I should clarify on my knitting.  I am the co-creator of a twelve foot “in progress” scarf.  It’s one of those things that I figured out how to start and how to keep going but I have zero clue how to finish it.  So I just keep going.  And every once in awhile the husband will be sitting next to me and decide that he wants to knit so he makes a valiant attempt at a few stiches.  The result is basically just a really long piece of knitted red wool that truthfully looks like hammered shite.  But it is fun.  As for the needlepoint- well I’ve been working on the same piece for about five years- no joke.

Now, when one is accident prone and some might say a klutz, it is expected that while participating in activities in the great outdoors that one might get hurt.  A scrape here, a bump there, a few stiches every now and then- all par for the course.  However- I would not expect to be in horrid pain after sitting in a chair for about six hours.

My mom was in town for a couple of days (which was lovely- I can never say the word lovely without thinking of Will Ferrell in the trust tree, ahhh good movie) and somehow we ended up making socks.  More truthfully attempting to make socks.

There were many signs to warn of us our potential disaster.  1- we searched forever before we finally found a pattern that looked acceptable (a note to all people who post knitting patterns on the internets- please include a damn picture!)  2- There was a ridiculous line at Jo-Anns.  It seemed as if the apocalypse was coming and the only thing that would stop it was fake flowers and big ass wooden letters.  3- after we found a pattern we liked, we realized that we had zero idea what the hell they were talking about.  Note to self: if you can’t comprehend the first steps of the directions, maybe you are slightly out of your league. 4- We had to watch a video on how to do the very first part at least ten times.

And even after all that we decided to make a go of it.  3 hours later… we had made progress, unfortunately the only people in the market for our creations would be midgets with lumpy legs and no taste.   Combine that with the fact we had to start all over because we realized that we were doing it completely wrong- twisted Oh NO!!!- and things are not off to a great start.

So I put at least six hours into the sock last night and I’m telling you, I can barely move today!  My hands are a little stiff to begin with due to years of beating the crap out of them with sports and years of repetitive motion with the horn but the knitting took it to a whole new level!  It could be the death grip that I’ve got on the needles.  I would not be the least bit surprised if one breaks and takes out an eye or two.

But with all that I do have a little bit of ribbing happening.  Of course I only have half an inch of sock knitted (after hours of work, I might have them done by the time I reach the old folks home) but it doesn’t look nearly as bad as the quarter of an inch I had done last night.

So I’ll keep on trucking.  I may not be able to move my upper body but at least my feet will be warm.


About Amanda Broyles

Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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