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This took years off my life.

A friend emailed this to me.  I’m considering revoking their friend card because surely they had to know this would stop my heart. Click here at your peril. Edit: I fixed the link!  Be warned.

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Protected: Drumroll please…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The untold pain…

So I’ve got a couple of hobbies. I enjoy backpacking, hiking, camping, fishing (more truthfully, watching my husband throw a line out in the water repeatedly to no avail), playing board games, and playing video games. In recent years I’ve … Continue reading

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Basic Keelboat Sailor

That would be me! I can come about and jibe with the best of them! Okay maybe not with the best of them, but I can still do it! And I can make an educated attempt to save your drowning … Continue reading

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So very cool

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) on Vimeo 14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. Thanks to everyone who danced with me.You can turn HD off it’s playing jerky or taking too long to … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions

We live in central Florida, aka- theme park overload. The husband’s birthday is coming up and all attempts at a cool gift have failed so I’m now thinking we’ll go to one of the many theme park offerings around.  However … Continue reading

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At the very least twice a day.

I’m adding this for slightly selfish reasons- I want it to be someplace I can easily access. I watch this every day probably at least twice! We kept it on the dvr for months! I love it!

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The Evolution of the Fist Bump

This is quite amusing. The Rays are a fun team. It is a shame that seemingly no one cares about them at all. Seriously- you go into Sports Authority and where there is usually the local sports section you can … Continue reading

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When girls who spend a lot of time talking to each other on a message board get together…

Mermaid So I met up with two girls from a nest board this evening for dinner. One lives not far from me and the other was in town for a wedding. We had a grand ol’ time and even got … Continue reading

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Pet peeve of the day… and something I like.

Today’s pet peeve: People who run you over when they’ve got the star on purpose.  I know it helps them and that’s how the game is but still it irks me. Today’s thing I like: Mario Kart.  I love the … Continue reading

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feel like it should be mentioned…

That the ute post is post #69.   Carry on.

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Happy half anniversary to me!

I’ve been married for 18 months today.  It still doesn’t seem all that real sometimes.  I mean I’m past the “taken by surprise when I’m called Mrs. X” stage but every once in awhile, usually when I’m folding his underwear, … Continue reading

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Pet peeve of the day…. and something I like

Today’s pet peeve: When TV shows are at one volume level the entire show except for the intro theme.  For example- The Office.  Your tv is set to a certain volume and it is quite pleasant… until the opening credits … Continue reading

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I can’t be the only one

Who looked forward to the day your mom would pull that box out of the pantry and say it was time to make….. Jello 1-2-3!!!!!!! I loved this stuff as a kid. Now granted I’m sure my mom only made … Continue reading

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Just in case anyone was wondering…

I was farting around this morning and came across a link on another blog to find out what my Taro card is… lo and behold… You are The Sun Happiness, Content, Joy. The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple … Continue reading

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I’m in shock

No I’m not pregnant- just starting Cycle #6 or 7, I can’t remember… but that’s not why I’m here this morning. Nope I’m here to discuss yet another obsession I have- Top Chef.  An oasis in TV land admist the … Continue reading

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Let’s Discuss…. Scrunchies

Hearken back to those long lost days of the ’90s. Your jeans are tightrolled, your shoes have those twirly shoelaces in them. You are wearing two pairs of socks- they are different colors. Your hair is in a very tight … Continue reading

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An Open letter to Dance Dance Revolution

Dear Dance Dance Revolution; Let me start off by saying, great game. I’ve had a great time discovering all the nuances of the dance pad and enjoyed watching the different dancers shake their groove thing while I gyrated in my … Continue reading

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Next Post

Stand By Me My parents are so freaking cute it is sick! This was their dance at my wedding. This is my mom’s favorite song and I can remember dancing in the living room as one of my first memories. … Continue reading

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