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The greatest invention of modern times

Youtube. Where else can I spend an entire day watching gems like these? Or this- seriously, the first time I went to a game (my first was a basketball game) and got to do the Rammer Jammer in person… I … Continue reading

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I am so freaking excited.

It is the most fabulous time of year again.  We’ve still got baseball (Cards, not so great but my lord- Go Rays!) and now we add the most wonderful of wonderful- college football. More importantly- Alabama college football. I’m especially … Continue reading


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The Evolution of the Fist Bump

This is quite amusing. The Rays are a fun team. It is a shame that seemingly no one cares about them at all. Seriously- you go into Sports Authority and where there is usually the local sports section you can … Continue reading

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Not again.

It has a strange sense of de ja vu about it.  Another game cancelled.  Against the Cubs.  Another Cardinals player dead.  Another pitcher. RIP Josh Hancock

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I am a very superstitious person.  When I played softball I had to always have a new bag of sunflower seeds to start the game.  Didn’t matter if I had some seeds still in an old bag- I had to … Continue reading

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My life outside TTC…

Centers around St. Louis Cardinals baseball.  There is none better- wait, I take that back.  Apparently there is alot better out there which is why the Cardinals dropped the first three games of the season to the Mets.  And by … Continue reading

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