Dear BCS Committee;

Or whatever you call yourselves.  Whoever decides who should play each other in bowl games…

This is not a complaint about who you chose to match up with Alabama.  Well not directly.  While it would have been a much more entertaining and interesting game had you matched the Tide with Texas (another SEC/Big 12 matchup would have been nothing but gold) there really is no use crying over spilled milk.  

Instead you decided that the best Sugar Bowl matchup would be Alabama and Utah.  On paper, sure it seems like a good idea, I guess.

But I have to ask.  Is there not a single woman on your committee?  Not one?  Are none of the men married?  Does no one at all see the disgusting, albeit humourous, matchup here?

It is the Crimson Tide vs. the Utes.  

In case you missed that:

The Crimson Tide 


The Utes

I can only assume that no woman was involved in this decision.  None, whatsoever.  

Oh my.  I’ll be watching, and trying not to laugh each time the team name are mentioned.


*Thanks to Poeia for the lovely image*


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