It must get done.

This may come as a shock to some, but I am a procrastinator.  I am a horrible procrastinator.

That saying “why do today what can be done tomorrow?”- I’m more like, why do today what can be maybe done a couple of weeks from now.


Which is why I still have crap in boxes at my house.

But my dad is coming to visit

Sidestory- one of my other fabulous personality traits is an extremely overactive imagination.  Extremely overactive.  When he called the other day (something that is rare to begin with- he just isn’t that much of a phone conversator) and said hey why don’t I come down in October I was at first very excited.  Then the overactive imagination went to work.

I had myself convinced that he was dying, or my grandmother was dying, or the cat had already died, or that he’s decided to sell all his belonging and join a monastery in France somewhere, or he finally given in to his inner hippie and decided to go off and follow Phish.  The possibilities were endless.

So of course I texted my brother (the lone sibling still in the StL) and asked him what was up.

Turns out my mom is going to be at SAGA convention and my dad doesn’t want to go home (he works in North Carolina- I’m convinced that we are descendants of a nomadic people) to be bored.

So he’s coming here.  And we are going to have fun.  I’m sure there will be an abundance of boring computer talk but I will not be denied conversational opportunities.  It just isn’t in my nature.

and he need a place to sleep.

So I’m spending the next week (who are we kidding- I’ll spend the two days before he gets here running around like a mad woman.  It’s how I keep my girlish figure.) finally finishing upacking everything and finding places for crap.

It will be good.  Especially since after I get that done I can start taking down popcorn ceiling.

Have I mentioned what a fabulous husband I have?  First it was, painting everything.  Then I added that I wanted to redo the floors.  Now I want to take down the popcorn ceiling.  But I want to do the ceilings first because then I wouldn’t have to touch up freshly painted walls from all the crap that fell from the ceiling.  Then I’ll paint the walls and then we’ll redo the floors.

And in about ten years that will all be done.


About Amanda Broyles

Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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