The Great Bisquick Incident of 2007

Have I ever told this story?


Well let me remedy that.

Okay, well let’s set the stage here.

It was our house in Clarksville but MrBunny had already moved down to SW Georgia (the first time) and had taken Ginger with him.  I was still at the house because I was finishing up my job and getting the house ready to sell.  Bronco stayed with me because he was still very much a puppy and attached to my hip (little did we know then that that would never go away- even as I type he is using my leg as a pillow).

So I’m upstairs painting the bathroom ceiling when I notice that I hadn’t seen Bronco in  a few minutes and it was really quiet.  These two things never went well together.

I look in the upstairs bedrooms- not there.  I start to head downstairs when I hear the faintest rustle of plastic.  Very gingerly I continued down the stairs and peered around the corner into the dining room.

Imagine my surprise when this is what I saw.

005.jpg picture by ironbunny1016

He had gotten up on the counter and into the cabinet and found a box of Bisquick.  And apparently was enjoying the hell out of it.

007.jpg picture by ironbunny1016

It was all I could do not to bust out laughing.  Instead I regained my composure and scolded him.

006.jpg picture by ironbunny1016

I’m still not totally sure how he got it all over the top of his head.  It was everywhere.  Everywhere!

And as luck would have it the realtor called roughly four minutes after I first arrived upon the scene.  She had people that wanted to see the house- right then.

I told her that she would have to give me at least 30 minutes because I needed to clean up from painting- yea right.

Little known fact: When Bisquick and dog spit mix in a carpet they become a glue like substance.  A glue like substance that takes forever to clean up.

I ended up having to move the table and go find a UHaul box to put over the spot.   It looked like I had just finished packing the china cabinet.

Unfortunately the people didn’t buy the house.  I’m blaming the freaky princess mural.

So that is the story of the Great Bisquick Incident of 2007.  I’d like to say it was the last time something like that has happened.  But that would be a lie.

And just because I came across it when looking for the Bisquick pictures- Ginger snug as a bug in a rug.

010.jpg picture by ironbunny1016


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1 Response to The Great Bisquick Incident of 2007

  1. Brittany/Stan says:

    Ha! I love the perked up ears. Like, “What did I do wrong Mom?”

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