Peroneal Tendonitis

I has it.

I am a horrible patient though.  Horrible.

When the dr. told me that I needed to rest my foot as much as humanly possible over the next three weeks, I laughed.  Because of this, he decided that it was necessary to give me the absolute worst case scenario if I did not rest my foot.  Not going to lie- the alternative is rather alarming (and much longer than 3 weeks) and painful.

So I conceded that I would attempt limited mobility.

I figured that I would go run some errands before I picked up my prescription and headed home.  Went to Target and Blockbuster and the gas station and then went to the grocery store.  Awhile back I started making a conscious effort to park as far away as possible from the door so as to get a little bit of exercise.

Wouldn’t you know that as I’m walking through the parking lot the dr. drives up.  He rolls down his window and says “not quite what I meant about limited mobility”.

le sigh

So now I’m sitting here watching cheesy made for tv christmas movies- something I love.  But when those run out I don’t know what I’m going to do to keep sane.  Hopefully 3 weeks will be long enough.  Damn you peroneal tendon!

In a completely unrelated note: I had a hit yesterday from My Husband Is Annoying.  I don’t know why exactly, well, I have an inkling but yea, it seems as if we are married to the same man.  Especially the post on the sinuses.  OMG the fucking sinuses.  If MrBunny doesn’t get his fixed (I don’t care how it comes about) then I am going to be taking a power drill to them myself.  If I’m a horrible patient then he is the spawn of satan.  Spawn of satan with a constant sinus issue that’s been going on for over six months and driving me absolutely nuts.


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