My house is haunted.

I don’t know if I’ve made this post before (wouldn’t be surprised if I have) but I’m going to go ahead and do it again.

Caveat: I have an extremely overactive imagination.  Does not mean that the following post is not true, but just keep that in mind.

Okay, so.

The carpenters are still here.  Well not right now but they just left and are coming back tomorrow to finish up.

We are standing around shooting the shit earlier and dude says “I think your house is haunted or something.”

If you could have seen MrBunny’s face at this moment it would have perfectly captured what it must be like to be married to me.  Because as soon as he said this I was like “I KNOW IT IS!!!” and MrBunny knew that this little bit of validation would be all I needed to get going.

Here’s the thing.  We’ve been in this house for almost a year now and there have been some downright spooky things that go on.

Our bathroom door for example.  It will shut itself.  I’ll hear the dogs drinking from the toilet, go back there to yell at them, and then find them sitting outside the bathroom door which is then completely shut.  And unless my dogs are the first canines with opposable thumbs (in which case I’ll be calling the newspapers instead of sitting here writing a blog post), something else must be closing the door.

I’ve tried to see if it’s just the way the house has settled but I’ve not once been able to make the door shut on it’s own.

That and there has been numerous times I’ve noticed that the dogs were quiet and found them sitting and staring at the bathroom door.  My dogs are not calm quiet creatures.  Bronco is hell on wheels, especially when he is out of my sight.  So for them to sit and stare is an odd occurrence.  But they do it- sit and stare (for quite a while) at the door that closes itself.

Back to the carpenter.  Apparently while doing the project at our house he has had two guys who had worked for him for years both quit within days of each other for different reasons.  The one guy quit on Friday afternoon (in my driveway no less!) and then the other kid quit this morning.

On it’s own wouldn’t be that weird.  But when it’s coupled with two other occurrences in that last year it gets a little creepy.

When we had the tree guys here (oddly enough to remove trees) one guy had a heart attack and two guys ended up quitting- while working here.  Then we had the group that did the yard.  Three of them were arrested after the first day of working on our yard.  The boss came by the next day to finish the job himself because in addition to the three in jail, his one other employee had quit.

That is five people quitting, three arrests, and one heart attack- in one year.

Even the most skeptical amongst us have to admit that all those things together are a little freaky.

I’m totally calling the Ghost Adventures guys.  That’d be entertaining.


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