Our new car!

In case you hadn’t heard (don’t know what rock you live under), the Matrix has died.  She served us well and put up a valiant fight right until the end.  I shall always miss her.

Enough about that- let’s move on to (sidenote: The game just started and already the Marlins are up 2-0.  What the hell is going on with the Cardinals!!!!) bigger and :earmuff them Matrix: better things!


Please welcome our new Jeep!
She’s a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport and I love her. Automatic transmission, thank you Jesus, a/c vents in the back seat, 4×4, roof rack, and a back seat that fold completely flat… pretty much everything I was looking for.

And there’s only 65,000 miles! Seems so little compared to the 185,000 that the Matrix has.





I am so excited!

Of course I’ll have to wait to take it on a road trip. The next one I’ve got planned is to St. Louis at the end of June and I’m going alone which makes MrBunny nervous- all alone in a car that hasn’t been on a long trip? He wasn’t too keen on the idea. So the Ranger and I will be making that trip. But I’m sure the opportunity will soon arise!


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4 Responses to Introducing….

  1. thewife08 says:

    I’ll forgive you for being a Cardinals fan.

    Love the Jeep!

  2. kate says:

    i love that there is already a Bama tail gate on it. :swoon:

  3. autonomousblogger says:

    OOOO I love seats that fold down- best thing about my hubby’s old Pathfinder. 🙂

    Renae from Launderlife
    Personal blog:

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