What is a Geek? (via Not Your Average Geek)

Remember when I wrote this post?

Well along comes this dude that just confirms my multi-faceted geek status.

Only thing I’d quibble with is I think there are two different sides to the music geek population. There are the music geeks like he mentioned- the “my music is way too cool for you to have ever heard of” geek and the group to which I belong- the “I played that piece my sophomore year of high school” aka band/orchestra geek.

The latter having plenty of musical talent, if not the capability to carry on “normal” conversation.

Oh and I’m not even going to touch the video game geeks.  Mainly because I don’t want some dude who dresses in a Master Chief outfit daily to come kick my ass with a gravity hammer.

What is a Geek? This isn’t so much a blog entry as an excuse to post an ‘article’ that I was asked to write by an online magazine who then never bothered to publish it. Since I liked the article, I’m throwing it up here. Enjoy! I am a geek. Unashamedly and undeniably. I’ve got replica lightsabers, action figures, dozens of sci-fi books, the lot. I can pretty much quote the original Star Wars trilogy word for word, and I work in tech support. Fairly standard qual … Read More

via Not Your Average Geek


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