The cutest new Catholic ever

My niece, Evamarie was baptized a couple of weeks ago and my sister gave the go ahead for the pictures to be public so here I go!

Now these may come down at a future date but for now just revel in the cuteness.

First off, the baptismal font at my parent’s church. This is the same church MrBunny and I got married in and my sister and brother in law as well.

This is not a very good picture of my dad but it made me laugh. He is an ordained deacon and actually baptized Evamarie. He’s reading the Gospel and I just happened to catch a rather expressive moment.

The belle of the ball

I don’t know about her mom, but I’m hoping that red hair sticks around longer than mine did.

Evamarie and her parents

It was a fun day! Not only did we get to welcome the new Catholic but in part the day was to celebrate and give thanks that my sister was able to be there as well. Thanks to all for the prayers, they were definitely appreciated!

Oh and because I can’t post a dippy picture of my dad without giving equal time to my mom-

What can I say? I have a knack for catching people at their worst.

Oh and this will be a test to see if my mother reads this post. Because you better believe she will be calling rather indignant if she sees I posted that!

So there you have it. Now everyone can go ahead and say how cute she is.

ETA: I’d be remiss to not include a picture of her gown! My mom made it and it turned out beautiful. It’s got symbols for the Sacraments of Initiation and then a monogram there in the bottom block. You can read more about it over on my mom’s blog here.

ETAETA: and even more remiss if I didn’t actually include the picture of said gown.


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5 Responses to The cutest new Catholic ever

  1. Erin says:

    Amanda, thank you soo much for all of your beautiful pictures. It truly meant the world to Jimmy and I that you and M were able to celebrate with us. It makes events like this that much more special when we are surrounded by loving family. I can’t wait to get some of the pictures printed and hang them up!!

  2. Martha says:

    she is a cutie pie! The gown is amazing. And of course, the red hair makes her absolutely stunning (but maybe I am biased!?!?) : )

  3. Susan Thies says:

    Congratulations to the whole family! Evamarie is a living doll. And the Christening gown is gorgeous. God bless !

  4. ironbunny says:

    Erin- no problem, I like taking the pictures (and remember my camera unlike some people) so it works out well.

    Red- I can’t wait to see your red headed chinese midget children.

    Mrs. Theis- Thanks!

  5. mmariluh says:

    Your niece is beautiful! And the gown is awesome. Your sister looks great too. Such a wonderful family moment.

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