Blogging the power outage

3:00- Bronco wakes up whining like a big ol baby. Has to pee.

(6:57- notice that publish button is really easy to hit on iPhone)

3:04- Bronco finally stops peeing. He and Ninja go back to bed. Ginger ends up with us.

4:15- rain starts.

4:15:01- Ginger starts panicking.

5:20- power goes out.

5:20:01- Ginger has panic attack resulting in stepping on my face numerous times.

6:00- mrbunny decides to get ready for work. Find candles and lighter. Let dogs out- big mistake.

6:15- mrbunny realizes he can’t dryer iron his shirt (even though his shirt has ready been ironed by me but he feels it isn’t fully ironed until run through the dryer a couple minutes. Irritating.)

6:15:17- mrbunny realizes he has no power over the power so is forced to get over it.

6:15:21- I realize that Bronco and Ninja both need to wear bells in these situations. They are impossible to see with no ambient light whatsoever. I come to this realization as bronco steps on my left kidney because I didn’t see him coming and prep myself for the canine steamroller.

6:40- all three dogs realize they have to pee again immediately.

6:40:02- I really wish they were toilet trained. It’s pouring.

6:40:09- the whining continues so we head outside.

6:42- thoroughly soaked and bladders sufficiently emptied we head back inside. Dogs, to their surprise, go back in their rooms. Wet dog does not go on my bed.

6:42:01- Ginger starts whining like I’m ripping out her toenails one by one.

6:42:03- mrbunny leaves for work.

6:45- I head back to bed to be lulled back to sleep by the cop out front yelling at people as he directs traffic.

6:47- realize that between the yelling, the whining, and now the fender bender, I’m bit going back to sleep. Decide to play with phone instead.

6:55- open wordpress to live blog power outage.

6:57- have numerous missteps thanks to fat fingering my touch screen.

6:58- tow truck arrives for fender bender.

7:09- power returns, for now. Thank god because it was getting a little warmish in here and I’m tired of typing on this tiny keyboard.


About Amanda Broyles

Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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