I feel as if I should start paying Walgreens

for the entertainment they provide me.

First there was the carwash debacle.  Speaking of- it looks as if Walgreens has a new manager so I’m much more comfortable speaking while in there.  It was getting rather difficult to tell the pharmacist why I was there when I was afraid to speak above a very low whisper.  For all they knew I had a very strange rash in various unmentionable places.

But the carwash phone call wasn’t my first run in with Walgreens’ brand of entertainment.  Oh no.

Once when I was sitting there waiting for a prescription there was a woman in the drive thru who refused to leave without a script that walgreens couldn’t fill without some authorization or whatever. I was there for about half an hour and have no idea when the whole thing started but she left shortly before I did after they finally called the cops on her crazy ass.  It was insane.  I could hear her screaming at the chick through the window/drawer/phone combination.  Made that half hour fly by.

Which brings us to this afternoon. I go to walgreens as I often do and as I’m walking out this guy is standing by the door.  I’m walking to my car and he goes “you look like a rugged woman.  I like rugged women.” There is so much going on with that statement that it took me a minute to really piece through it.

First- what qualifies a woman as “rugged”?  Chopping wood?  Haling bay?  Hauling in shrimp nets that are totally full?  Driving a covered wagon down the Oregon Trail hoping to avoid the dreaded dysentery?

Secondly- what exactly about me qualifies me as “rugged”?  Especially in the ten seconds you saw me (dear god I hope it was only ten seconds and this man hasn’t been following me around south georgia hoping for a chance to steal a lock of my hair.)?  Was it the khaki pants?  Or perhaps the grey tshirt?  Not sure.

Thirdly- what is it about those rugged women that you like?  Do you rest easy at night knowing that your woman can go plant the north forty and then come home and make you supper?  Or perhaps that she can kick anyone’s ass who threatens you after you’ve been found a cheater while playing pool in a dark, smoky, less than desirable establishment that serves alcohol in excess?  One that doesn’t hesitate to pick up the washing machine and move it outside to the moving truck because she got tired of waiting for you to return with the dolly? Is that what draws you in?

Because yes, I am that woman.

So I’m choosing to take it as a compliment and not the creepy “guy outside walgreens acts as if he knows you just a little too well” vibe I originally got from the exchange.


About Amanda Broyles

Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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