Not so frequently asked questions

With my recent fame (go ahead and laugh, it’s okay) has come an uptick in both traffic and people asking questions about myself and the blog.

I say “not so frequently asked questions” because I think only one question has been asked by more than one person.  But hey, I’m bored, and cold (I’m bound and determined to recoup some of the millions spent on air conditioning by not turning the heat up very high, you can put more clothes on but you can’t take more off), and figured I’d answer some of them.

1. The most asked question: Who is MrBunny?

I really didn’t think this was a secret but MrBunny is my husband.  Why is he MrBunny would be a better question.  One day on the message board I frequent (bb represent) we were talking about pet names you have for your husband and vice versa.  I told them that MrBunny calls me “Bunny” (which his dad calls his mom but I refuse to think of the oedipal implications) or “Iron Bunny”, thanks to a crappy kung fu movie named “Iron Monkey”.  They quickly grabbed onto that and “MrBunny” was born.  That combined with the fact that he is an information security guy and doesn’t like many details given out and it looks like MrBunny is here to stay.

2. Did you go to school for writing?

One- you must not have gone to school for writing otherwise you’d notice that any professor worth their weight would fail me for sure.  I’m a big fan of fragments and run-on sentences as well as ill and often placed parenthesis and incorrectly used dashes which would not pass muster.

Two- I’m a three time college dropout.  So even if I did go to school for writing, I wasn’t there long enough for anything to stick.  Actually I was a french horn performance/religious studies/voice performance/philosophy major- not all at once though.

3. Does your family think you are funny?

Not at all.  As a matter of fact MrBunny has informed me on many occasions that I am not funny.  But (another thing that would drive an English professor nuts is my proclivity to start sentences with both ‘but’ and ‘and’.) this is coming from the man that laughs hysterically at Family Guy and Dirty Jobs so I’m okay with not being funny to him.  However comma it should be noted that now that I’m being paid to be funny he is finding my humor much more palatable.

As for the rest of my family- still no.  My baby sister is the comedian of the family for sure.  Actually when one of my aunts read my column over christmas instead of thinking it was funny she told me that I should “rejoice in the lord’s birth and being with family no matter if there was stove top or not”.  Yea.  No really, she did.

But in the end it doesn’t really matter because I am my own biggest fan.  I crack myself up more than anyone and I’m okay with it.

My mother says I’m a legend in my own mind and my response is always “now I just need to convince everyone to think like me.”

Slowly but surely….

4. D0 you make up all those stories you tell?

Don’t I wish.  Turns out I’m one of those people that is constantly finding themselves in situations (either manufactured or by blind luck) that turn weird or funny in a heartbeat.  Outside of the rare occasion (the walgreens fundraiser for example) I don’t seek out these situations, they just find me.  Also I’m 32 years old and have just been writing these down in the last year or two so I’ve had about 25 years of stories to fall back on.

5. What is with “bird-day”?

For whatever reason, I am incapable of pronouncing the ‘th’ in ‘birthday’ correctly.  It comes out as bird-day and always has.  At this point I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to correct it so I just embrace it.

6. This one is for all the butthurt out there- Are you a bitch like this in real life?

Yes.  Furthermore- I’m perfectly knowledgeable of the ramifications of karma, don’t really feel all that sorry for my husband, and am okay with the number of friends I have.  But thank you for being so concerned.


About Amanda Broyles

Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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2 Responses to Not so frequently asked questions

  1. Your Twin, Ballsy says:

    1. I love MrBunny.
    2. You and I write the same way, so suck it grammarians.
    3. Your family may not think you’re funny, but I think you’re hilarious. Then again, we have the same sense of humor so maybe that doesn’t say much. However, I love (the old seasons of) Family Guy and Dirty Jobs, so :shrug:.
    4. I know first hand that you don’t make up most of these stories as I’ve been there personally for some of them.
    5. I never knew this. I must file this away for future reference.
    6. Bitches represent. This is all.

  2. Aunt Em says:

    I am the Ironbunny’s other aunt, Aunt Em, and I happen to agree with her that stove top is never to be served. However, I believe one can rejoice in the season of Christmas and deplore stove top stuffing at the same time.

    Now to debunk a few of the other things my niece has told you. (she will probably want to kill me but I live in south Tx so unless she is ready to travel I feel pretty safe). I am apparently in the minority in the family because I think she is completely funny. However knowing her gene pool as well, I get her humor and as luck would have I know that Ironbunny comes from a long line of women all with a very dry sense
    of humor.

    As for Ironbunny being a bitch we should refer back to the gene pool again, not to look for an excuse but more for clarification purposes. If you were to meet me you might think I am a bitch too, however, it is something that does not need to be pointed out for like my niece I am fully aware of this fact.

    So you might think I am a bit bias…well duh what was your first clue. However if I didn’t think she was funny I would have pointed this fact out to her long ago, for if you have learned anything about our family shyness is not a disease we suffer from.

    Love ya Kid!!!!!!!

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