The best laid plans.

So MrBunny was in Ohio on business and we decided I would go visit him for the weekend. Left on Saturday morning and was going to fly back on Tuesday morning so I’d be home before my  best friend, who was coming for a visit, showed up and I could do my delivery route on Wednesday.

So did not go as planned.

6:00 AM- Go out to truck (flight was out of airport an hour and a half away) and it won’t start.

6:10 AM- Hotel van driver is a jackwagon and won’t give us a jump start. Kind fellow hotel stayer does give a jump but it doesn’t work.

6:15 AM- After brief moments giving husband stare of death and expressing a few choice words, AAA is called.

6:20 AM- Finally finish call with AAA to discover they will not miraculously appear truckside but rather will take about 45 minutes.

6:21 AM- Realize that I am not going to make flight so decide to call best friend.

6:30 AM- After nine minutes of incessant texting, best friend FINALLY responds and says that yes indeed she will drive the 6 hours to Ohio to pick me up.

6:50 AM- AAA shows up and fixes truck. Something with the battery cable, blah blah blah- it runs, that’s all that matters.

6:51 AM to 8:07 PM- MrBunny works from hotel room and we watch movies all day until best friend arrives in Ohio.

8:20 to 10:20 PM- chat with best friend as we walk around grassy area outside of hotel waiting for her dog to pee. Finally realize how late it is and that we both were up really early thanks to a missed flight and frantic texts, so head back to my own hotel to get some sleep. Oh and dog still had not peed.

6:00 AM following day- get up and head out to breakfast with MrBunny and BFF. After a nice peaceful meal, MrBunny heads to work and BFF and I go check her out of hotel and get the road.

8:30 AM to 7:00 PM- lots of driving. Lots and lots of driving. Lots of stopping trying to get dog to pee. Dog finally pees near the big ass rock commemorating the Oklahoma City Bombing… at the eastern Kentucky rest stop. So random.

7:00 PM- arrive at Park and Fly near Atlanta airport to pick up my Jeep. Get “lost” (I have a GPS so I wasn’t really lost really but I had no idea where I was nor where I was going) trying to figure out how to get back to 75.

7:20 PM- Decide to get gas and eat some dinner. Applebee’s- lovely choice.

10:11 PM- Really need to pee so stop at rest stop. Text BFF that I was stopping but she doesn’t see it and just drives on by.

10:16 PM- After waiting a few minutes for BFF to show up, realizing she hasn’t stopped, and finally using the facilities, I am confronted with a rest room stall door that will not open to let me out. After pondering my options for a few moments, I realize the only way out was to crawl under the door. So I got down on the nasty ass rest stop floor and shimmied my way under the door only to find that somehow the cleaning lady missed me in there and has locked the door of the restroom.

10:20 PM- After knocking loudly for what seemed an eternity (I think locked in a rest stop bathroom time goes by much faster than real time), cleaning lady finally hears me and releases me from what I imagine is the fifth ring of hell and I get back on the road.

11:45 PM- Pull into my driveway.

11:52 PM- Go to bed and sleep like the dead.

9:00 AM following morning- wake up feeling somewhat refreshed with an irrational, albeit understandable, fear of rest stop bathrooms, and Ohio.


About Amanda Broyles

Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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