Bahrain Watch ’08- Part Deux

They husband is headed back to the middle east.  Yippee!

Actually he is a little bit more relaxed about this trip.  Rightfully so- he actually has been doing the job for more than three hours; he has a general idea what he will be doing when he gets there; one of the guys he’s become friends with is going too- slumber party!

Lessons learned from the last trip- we will be packing clothing, if nothing else a change of underwear, in the carryon.  No more $60 for pair of cheap pants.  Won’t be taking as much “stuff” this time- there is a laundry on base, use it.  No computer- he can use the exchange number thingie to call home.  Of course I’m hoping he is working nights so he isn’t calling me at 3 in the morning!

I’ve requested spices and cookbooks.  I eagerly await my package!


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2 Responses to Bahrain Watch ’08- Part Deux

  1. shawnandlarissa says:

    Here’s hoping he has a good trip!

  2. Alpaca says:

    I hope he has a good trip and sends you lots of goodies!!

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