RoadID giveaway

over on Fit Bride

RoadID is fabulous.  No really- it is.

Before my pesky peroneal tendon decided to throw a bitch fit, I enjoyed running outside.  And even though I am not a small target, and I had on a reflective vest and a blinking light, I’ve almost been run over twice.  TWICE!!!

That coupled with my severe penicillin and sulfa allergies I decided to get the RoadID.   I went with the version that has the online profile- mainly because allergic to pcn and sulfa wouldn’t fit on the tag.  Now when I get run over (or my heart gives out, or I’m hatchet murdered) the emt or whoever will be able to call the number on my tag and find out where I live, my emergency contacts and my medical history.

I like RoadID so much that I actually gave two of my siblings gift cards for their own this Christmas.  My brother has a tendency to run into trees while mountain biking (it’s a family trait) and my baby sister is training for a half marathon.

So if you don’t have one- go check out Fit Bride’s blog (she has three different ways to win I believe) and if you don’t win there go spend the 30 something bucks.  It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.


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  1. sulfababy says:

    *sulfa allergy high five*

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