This Ugly House, and other random updates

Oh This Ugly House!

Well we got the fence built, which is a feat in and of itself.

And wouldn’t you know that it isn’t even a week old and the dogs already escaped.  Turns out that MrBunny was not present for the conversation when we discussed why there were two latches on the gate and why they both needed to be used.

Oh well.  Luckily we had friends over who helped us look and ended up finding them a couple of streets over.  Hopefully now that everyone is on the same page with the latch situation it won’t happen again… soon.

In addition to the fence, MrBunny decided it was high time we addressed the dining room situation.  I’ve been able to ignore the half ripped off wallpaper for quite some time now but apparently he is losing sleep over it.  And since he is the one no longer able to ignore it, I let him go ahead and tackle it.

Problem is that the old lady used some super secret high grade must be for military uses only adhesive on this wallpaper because this shit is not coming off.  At all.

I’ve tried every single possible thing- steam, water, that gel stuff, tea, nail polish remover, you name it.  Nothing has worked.

So MrBunny took a power sander after it yesterday.

Need a way to sort of replicate snow inside your southern home in April?  Take a sander to wallpaper.  What a freaking mess.  But it does seem to be working.  Granted there are huge divots that will have to be spackeled but I suppose that is better than completely replacing the drywall (which I was a few more “helpful suggestions” away from).

I’m guessing that about this time next year I’ll get around to painting it.

What else?  Well I’m still losing weight.  Didn’t get much of a traditional workout in while building the fence (who are we kidding?  I could not move at the end of each day.) but was able to lost about 5 pounds which is a nice bonus.

I’m still working towards enlistment.  I think I’ve narrowed down the jobs that I would like to two- Watercraft Operator and still the Chaplain’s Assistant.  There is still a lot of time left until I make my weight goal so I’m sure that will change but right now that’s what’s striking my fancy.

Still looking for a damn car.  Now the Matrix’s transmission is crapping out so it’s become more of a pressing issue.  Unfortunately we haven’t found that magical car that has a full warranty, little to no miles, everything we always hoped for, and cost less than 5K that seems to exist in MrBunny’s dream world.  So we are still looking.  I imagine that we’ll get a new car about the same time I finish the dining room.

So….. yea, that’s about it.


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Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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