Please welcome our new arrival!

Friday afternoon, MrBunny calls and says hey a coworker of mine got shafted by his ride to the airport, would you be alright with taking him up there?

Not a problem.  I took a nap and then about 1 am we headed towards Atlanta.  Took a nap in the back of the Jeep, did  a little grocery shopping (I adore Trader Joe’s) and headed home.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and MrBunny get’s a text from this coworker, who flew up to Ohio to drive a car back down here, saying that he has found a puppy on the side of the interstate, would we be interested in taking her?

We hemmed and hawed for a bit but ultimately said yes.

And that’s how we came to this picture:


Going home!

We named her Ninja, or more appropriately, MrBunny named her Ninja. And we keep saying it like that infomercial for the Ninja blender thing does- in that whisper stealth dream sequence type voice.

The vet said she’s about 6 months old, and other than a shit ton of ticks and scars/scabs from some run-ins during her time on the streets, she looks really good. We’ve got her scheduled to be spayed and other than that we are just letting the other two dogs hang out with her.

Ginger was less than thrilled. Actually if dogs could talk I think her exact reaction would have been “are you serious? Surely you aren’t doing this to me again. You people suck. Whatever, I’m going to my room.”

Bronco however, could not be more excited. He keeps trying to get the poor thing to play with him- not realizing that he is a rather imposing creature when you first meet him.

Trying to figure out what on earth this thing with the light is-

Ummm, that’s really bright lady.

It is alarming how much she looks like Bronco did as a puppy

Not a very good picture of him, but this was Bronco at around 3 months old.

It will be interesting to see if she ends up being the tall skinny type of lab like Bronco.

You best believe it won’t be long before she learns how to sit and pose for the camera!

Right now she just does a lot of this-

Which I’m okay with. When she’s sleeping it means she’s not trying to get in the trashcan or pee on the floor!


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Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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5 Responses to Please welcome our new arrival!

  1. Aunt Em says:

    She is too cute!! I love black labs. Our black Lab, Doodles, passed away in May. I remember ours at that age….all legs and energy. She was either going zero mph or 50 mph, no in between.

  2. thewife08 says:

    How does it feel to be a new puppy mommy???

    • ironbunny says:

      I am tired! She doesn’t realize that at night time we sleep. We don’t decide to play grab ass with Bronco and make a racket loud enough to wake the neighbors- we sleep.
      And of course she is laying on the living room floor dead to the world right now.
      Damn dog.

  3. Janine says:

    she is beautiful. I am sure, worth the lack of sleep 🙂

  4. Doc says:

    That’s not just the best anersw. It’s the bestest answer!

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