Just a bad news type of day.

So I don’t know that the loss of G4 is actually bad news as much as it sucks, but this definitely is.

I’m considering nursing school.  There are two options.  I could go to the tech school which has an LPN program or I could go to the jr. college which has an RN program.  I was leaning towards the tech school for a couple of reasons but the main one being the fact they have quarters and not semesters.

As a person gets older they realize that there are some things they just aren’t that good or that they excel in different circumstances.

For example- I am a much better 2nd horn player than 1st.  In my younger days I’d never admit that because being the slightly conceited person that I am, I wanted to be el numero uno, not it’s supporting cast.  But it’s true, I’m much better at playing the 2nd part.  Much like I enjoy singing mezzo or alto instead of soprano because of the harmonies.

Same sort of thing when it comes to this situation.  I am much better with quarters than I am semesters.  There are people who can not stand how condensed and fast paced the shorter class length is but it is, by and far, how I prefer it.  Summer classes? Yes please. Thing is with the class being shorter by the time I’m getting restless and bored with the class- it’s almost over!  With a semester I might not even be halfway through which does not bode well for my attention span, at all.

So that’s why I was leaning towards the tech school over the jr. college.  True, the job opportunities might not be as good with the LPN as the RN but I could always decide to go back and pick up the extra classes for the RN if I wanted.

Got it all figured out.

Until I went to the tech school’s website today.

I don’t know if this was recently announced or if I just missed it before, but apparently the Technical College System of Georgia (that’s sort of a mouthful) has decided to switch from quarters to semesters.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little teary.  So frustrating.

Then I got to thinking, surely I’m not the only person who does better with the shorter classes.  Perhaps the tech school was filling a void in the Georgia public school system (apparently part of their justification for it is to “streamline” by putting all (K-12, tech, and 2/4 year colleges) on the same schedule) for those who don’t do well in the traditional semester schedule?

I was always of the thought that tech school really was a place for those who weren’t either cut out for (and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way at all) or had a desire for the traditional college “experience”.  The people who excel in the world of auto mechanics and plumbing rather than in that of creative writing and physics.

So where does that, albeit small, population of students go now?  Well I suppose I’ll start looking at the jr. college.  I mean on paper there really isn’t reason not to any more.  So very frustrating.

Thanks a lot Technical College System of Georgia.

le sigh


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