Pet Peeve of the moment- The National Anthem

One of my favorite versions of a sports event national anthem.

For my entire life, my parent’s entire life, and perhaps a good chunk of my grandparent’s lives (I think the tradition started sometime after WWII maybe?  I’ll go look it up later), the national anthem has been sung before sporting events.

It lasts less than three minutes.

It requires nothing of a spectator besides shutting up and standing there. (You can sit but I reserve the right to think you are an ass.) You can choose to sing along or not.  It is customary to put your hand over your heart, but that’s not really a deal breaker.

You know what you don’t do?

Scream and cheer throughout the entire thing.

Two minutes- that’s all.  You have an entire game, spanning hours, to cheer and scream.  Can you not take a break for two minutes and show some respect?

Those people who can’t shut up for two minutes are the parents of this kid:

Vicksburg 129

What’s that?  Oh nothing big- just a tunnel dug by the Union troops on the Vicksburg battlefield (a stone’s throw from the Vicksburg National Cemetery where thousands of soldiers are buried) that some jackass kid decided to write their name on.

Dear Hannah Leigh- I hope someone caught you and chewed your ass for that.  You really should be ashamed of yourself.



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