A multi-day endeavor of random thoughts

– I love it how cows eat really slowly and with little movement because when you drive up on a group of them it looks like they are posing for a picture for you.

-Liz Lemon is my hero.

-I wish my dogs would quit their drama queen ways when it comes to baths.  Yes, I realize I’m spraying your butthole with cold water but if you’d stop going ape shit it would go by much faster.

-I get really excited when my total at a restaurant or store is a even dollar amount.  Even more enjoyable is the look of complete mortification that crosses my husband’s face when I excitedly point out the fact that my total is an even dollar amount and how much I love it when that happens.

-My kitchen smells like mint Skoal and I can’t figure out why.

-Speaking of Skoal, I once tried peach Skoal thinking that I would like it because I like peaches and I like tobacco… it was a horrible idea.

-I wish I didn’t remember who killed the quirky putting herself through law school by being a maid in the murder mystery novels because then I could re-read the hundreds I’ve got on my bookshelf.

-I love the smell of my dog’s feet.

-When I go to the movies I always get a medium popcorn even though I don’t eat that much at all in the movie.  Instead I let it get stale and munch on it over the next couple of days.  Prolongs the movie going experience.

-Whenever I call for my dog Bronco, I always hope that someone calls out “Polo” in response.  Seriously- someone needs to make this happen.

-I just realized that when I returned the redbox movie I rented the other day, I forgot to put the dvd in the case.  I have no idea how to go about fixing that situation.

-I get irrationally angry at farmers who don’t plant their rows in such a way that I can see down the row as I drive by.

-I go through phases where I will watch the same mindless movie over and over and over again. Right now it is Laws of Attraction.

-My laptop needs to learn that when I tap the spacebar twice I want it to end a sentence with a period, add a space, and turn on the shift key for the beginning of the next sentence. This would make my life so much easier.  Well maybe not easier but, yea it would be easier.

-I hate my toaster but don’t really want to go spend another $10 because there isn’t anything wrong with my toaster I just don’t like it’s action.

-Movie theatres really need to account for empty theatres when they set the volume. Full house? Yes, turn it up. Ten people? For the love of all that is holy turn it down!

-Twenty five dollars really is too much to spend on a dog collar.  Not that it is going to stop me.  I found the cutest cotton boll dog collar and one of the crew needs it. I know they do.

-Making lists like this really is entertaining.

-I need a hobby.


About Amanda Broyles

Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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1 Response to A multi-day endeavor of random thoughts

  1. kate says:

    now i feel terrible for taking the hello kitty toaster as a joke!!

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