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Goodbye Bahrain

Well the husband is on his way home.  Here’s hoping his trip back is much less eventful than his trip there. And I’m really hoping his bag stays with him.  Please god, let his bag get here.

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So wish I had a camera

Well I did have a camera with me so I guess the correct title would be “So wish I had taken a picture.” Yesterday I’m driving back from Louisiana and I decided to run up to SW Georgia to see … Continue reading

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A letter from my ass.

So I’m driving to Lafayette tomorrow to spend Easter with my little sister. Yet another 12 hour drive. I fear that some morning I’m going to wake up to find the following letter on my pillow. Dear Amanda; We’ve had … Continue reading

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Jesus, Mary and sweet Saint Joseph

Note: this was a draft that I never published. I just found it to be amusing. Finally!!!!!! We have made it through the extended holiday season from hemorrhoid hell. I’m still tallying up how many miles I put on my … Continue reading

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