60 degrees and cloudy

It has been hot down here. Yes I know it’s been hot everywhere but I don’t live everywhere- I live here. And it’s been hot here.

So we decided we needed an escape. A place that could be entertaining as well as not hot.

San Francisco to the rescue!
For weeks I looked at the weather forecast and became almost giddy when I saw numbers in the 70’s. And finally the day came where we were heading to that frozen tundra of fabulousness!

We left our house at a god awful hour (and it should be noted that it was still 89 degrees out with a humidity level of 76%), got on a plane and a brief moment later, landed in Atlanta.

You can’t go anywhere in the southeast without going through Atlanta first. I’m positive that when I die, my path to the pearly gates will somehow involve Hartfield-Jackson.

Anyways- sunrise over the Delta (duh) terminal in Atlanta

We flew over a lot- obviously- and I took pictures of some of it, including the Mississippi

but most of the time I was entertained by
ginger ale, biscoff cookies (love these), and my ever present sony ereader.

I finished The Help somewhere above Colorado and it was fantastic, but it was actually the author’s notes at the end that had me in near tears.  I would totally recommend it.  Of course then I moved on to Laurie Notaro’s Autobiography of a Fat Bride and I had to choke back tears of laughter.

A couple of chapters into Fat Bride, we landed in San Francisco.
And promptly basked in the cool breezes as we left the blue line

and waited for the BART

After about an hour or so later and we finally arrived at our home away from home.

We couldn’t check in just yet so we hopped on the F line and headed down to Pier 39.

By this time we were all (btw we went out there with two friends of ours) starving and of course every single place on the pier had a line. So we headed to the San Francisco original… Bubba Gump’s. It was fabulous though- especially the sweet tea vodka and lemonade. So good.

Made our way back up Market St. and checked into our room.
This is a horrible picture but it’s the living room


Another really crappy picture but this time of the kitchen

And perhaps the best part of the place- the bathroom!
( I just noticed the Mylanta and NyQuil on the counter- we sure know how to travel in style!)


I somehow never took a picture of the bedroom but rest assured it was fabulous. So fabulous that after a trip to the grocery store, I hit the hay not to stir again until the very early morning.

More to come later!


About Amanda Broyles

Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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2 Responses to 60 degrees and cloudy

  1. Aunt Em says:

    Holy Cow, I love the bathroom. From what I can see that looks like a great soaking tub!!!

  2. serendipitie says:

    You bitch! You went to SF without me? WTH? LOL hope you had a great time, and I hope you had a chance to meet up with Peeper!

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