Foodies, Hippies, Ninjas, and more!

So the next morning we got up early, headed upstairs to the concierge room for some breakfast (they had a chocolate croissant to die for) and then took off down Market St.



towards the Ferry Building


to hit up the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market



It was heaven!
There was quite a few arts/crafts vendors which are always amusing to peruse and then the actual food stalls. Divine.
Then we headed inside the Ferry Building into the mass of humanity- most of which was standing at the Cowgirl Creamery. I imagine it was good, but there was no way in hell I was standing in line to find out! We did head down a little bit further and came across a shop that had seafood breakfast burritos. MrBunny and my good friend D each had one and said they were fabulous.

As we were walking back to the room we came across a Filipino parade.


I can’t even imagine how cold those girls were. I was still cold and I was wearing long pants as well as a fleece!

After a moment or two in the room we decided to head on over to the Haight-Ashbury area. Outside of some pretty houses and a few random interesting places, it was pretty much different variations on a theme of bongs and pipes.





We perused a bit, then decided to hop back on the 71 bus to our room. And let me tell you how happy I was we did that. It was that bus we encountered one of the most amusing people of our trip. This dude on the bus was sitting next to a girl who was probably no older than 25 and it didn’t seem like she knew much English, but let me tell you, he was not letting any of that stop him.

He kept telling her that he was really into Asian women and that it doesn’t matter what you have in life, it means nothing if you don’t have a woman. A woman is a woman is a woman.

I almost had to get involved when he told her that if the right woman were to come along he has $50,000 to give her.

$50,000? Sign me up!

He kept going for a good twenty minutes and when he got off the bus everyone busted out laughing. I have to hand it to the girl- she took it in stride, just kept smiling and nodding.

We made it back to the room and after consulting a map decided to head towards Japantown.

I looked at a map, saw it was only a mile or so and concluded that it would be a nice walk. Which it was. However comma my travel companions (mainly my whiny husband) disagreed! It was only about a mile and a half, maybe two miles but it was pretty much uphill the entire way.

We were rewarded when we got there though, with a street fair!

There was quite a few stands, at one of which I picked up a onesie (either for our phantom phetus or some other random child I feel is worthy of this awesomeness) that had this on the front of it:

If you can’t read it, it says “Ninjas don’t do naps”. I mean seriously, how cute is that?

We wandered around the stalls for a bit and then lucked out to be there just as a Taiko Drum show was starting.


It was really cool. Funny story about Taiko drums. One year MrBunny and I were driving back from somewhere and it was getting really late. When I drive I like to sing along to the radio at the top of my lungs- keeps me awake and alert. So I tell him, “babe- I need some music to sing along to, can you put something in?”
Foolishly I thought he would realize that in order to sing along it would need words, preferably in English.
Nope. He put in Taiko drums and kept talking about how cool they were.
Yea, they are cool, but they were not at all what I was needing!

Anyways. We watched the show for a little bit and then decided to head towards our dinner destination.

This time my traveling partners put their feet down and said there was no way in hell they were going to walk! So we hailed a cab and headed on over to The Stinking Rose to gorge ourselves on their various garlic offerings.

Let’s just say that housekeeping was probably wondering what on earth died in the garlic patch when they came to clean the room the next day!

Tomorrow: Chicken feet and culture shock.


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  1. Ann says:

    Mandy, David andI are so happy that you all enjoyed the Ritz CArlton. It has been quite an investment for us and you all will enjoy all of the sites. What was the 1701 street address in your pictures? I can’t wait to go out there. It looked wonderful. We are enjoying your blog. Ann

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