Excuse me, will you be my friend?

So I’ve mentioned Pinterest and my love for it, numerous times before but a new and unexpected side effect has arisen from my love of the site.

In addition to the people you know and follow, you can follow anyone on the site. You can choose to follow all their boards, or just pick and choose what interests you.

Because of this, I follow a lot of people who I share interests with, but most of the time we have just that one or two interests in common.


That’s what I call her.

You see, THAT WOMAN and I are pretty much the same person, at least as far as Pinterest is concerned. I first started following her because I searched for Crimson Tide pins and she showed up. Next thing I know, she’s posting gardening stuff, and star wars stuff, and things about tv shows I love, and legos, and more Tide, and various other geeky things, and things I would love to eat, and pretty much everything else in the world that I love.

This situation has had me questioning the new etiquette involved in the social media/always connected with at times perfect strangers world we live in today.

Is it appropriate to approach this woman? How do I go about it? Is it at all acceptable to ask this woman to move in with me and perhaps entertain me? How does that whole sister wives thing work? How do you figure out if someone would be okay with a sister wife kind of relationship? Can I hire her to cook all those wonderful things she pins? Or construct the truly incredible lego village she pinned at three in the morning the other day (OH MY GOD SHE IS ALSO A NIGHT OWL!) that would look amazing in my office next to my Lego Hogwarts Castle (a Christmas gift from MrBunny that I adore).

Would that be coming on too strong? Would it be like when I made a cross-stitch of Nancy Lopez’s face and she then tried to kill me?

I don’t know if I can suffer a heartbreak like that again.

Maybe I’ll just admire her from afar.

And dream of the day we walk into Bryant-Denny holding hands, at sunset, on gameday, eating nutella pinwheels, discussing the best time to plant broccoli in this climate, and comparing plans for our lifesize Lego homes.

Oh to dream…


About Amanda Broyles

Amanda is amazing. Amanda is spectacular. Amanda is humble. Amanda is also a full time college student so take pity on her and don't complain when her TV reviews aren't up immediately following an episode.
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