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Puppy break!

I’m working on new posts but figured I’d hadn’t AW’d the dogs recently so it was time. That and I’ve been playing with my camera trying to figure out settings so there are plenty of them to share. Ginger- at … Continue reading

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Perhaps I should clean my bathroom

This is one of those times I’m glad MrBunny doesn’t read this, because I would never hear the end of this one. Picture it- my bathroom, this evening.  I’m getting ready for bed (which I never do before I actually … Continue reading

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My dogs… again

They get really tired of me taking their picture- I know it.  They’ve told me. At times a little more forcefully than others… Or at times with complete apathy… Or Ginger even tries to hide… I think if they could … Continue reading

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Losing faith in humanity

Yet another search for ‘dogs and infertility’. This is getting out of hand people! I understand that when the year mark rolls around (and the second year mark looms ever closer) you start to panic and look to anything and … Continue reading

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I’ve been MIA for a few days- went up to see some friends in Georgia and to visit the babydog. We thought he was going to come home with us for a bit but we decided to do it sometime … Continue reading

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Is anyone else getting a little skeeved out by this trend? Today’s RISTLTMB is….. Sleeping with dogs and infertility I hope whoever landed on my blog with this search was able to find the information they were needing.  Too funny.

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Disturbed by recent trend

of internet searches that lead to my blog!  Today’s was “are dogs harmful to those trying to get pr”.  I’m going out on a limb and saying that the ‘pr’ was pregnant. What harm is a dog going to be … Continue reading

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